Text on silk:

I -
I was a lane boat, more than eighty years old, continuing my struggle to keep balance in the harbour. I followed the moon and the tides – every day, four times a day. First the low tide – I go down - then the high and up I go. A few months back I felt something different. When I went down and the moon pulled me back up I struggled more than ever. The ocean expanded and the surface of the sea raised. It was a quiet day – the weather was calm and the air cooled rapidly. My home – blue as ice – felt like knives against my old watertight hull. In total silence and by myself I lost balance. The salty sea flowed in, slowly filling my inboards. I got heavy and soon I went under. Listening to my colleagues' unclear rumbling above me, fighting the same fight. My white flag was up. I lost balance within myself – I was no longer balanced on the sea or by the moon.

II -
Before she lost balance

Before she lost balance (2018) In collaboration with Jan Radners, Janus Borner and Frederico Mulone

Photograph no. 2 & 3 by Anders S. Solberg.

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